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Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

EICRs are important for building owners, landlords and property managers as they provide information on the condition of the electrical installation and potential hazards, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

What is an EICR?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a document that details the condition of an electrical installation, such as the wiring and equipment in a building. The report is produced by a qualified electrician and is used to assess the safety and condition of the installation, as well as to identify any defects or issues that may need to be addressed.

The EICR includes a detailed visual inspection of the electrical installation, as well as any necessary testing to ensure that the installation is safe and compliant with current regulations. The report will also include any recommendations for repairs, upgrades or improvements that are needed to bring the installation up to standard.

The EICR is an important document for building owners, landlords and property managers as it provides them with an understanding of the condition of the electrical installation in the property and any potential hazards or issues that could affect the safety of the occupants. It also helps to ensure that the installation is compliant with current regulations and standards, which is important for insurance and legal requirements.


It is commonly recommended to carry out the EICR test every 5 years or when you purchase a new property. This will help you to identify any potential issues early on and ensure that your property's electrical installation is safe and compliant.

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EICR Pricing

Studio/1 bedroom £150*

2/3 Bedroom £200*

4 Bedroom £300*

*All prices exclude VAT

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Customer Testimonials

JKN Were absolutely amazing! A great local and independent company who were very accommodating. They completed the work safely and within a timely manner. They kept the environment clean and tidy. They educated us throughout the process on what they would be doing at each stage and clearly knew their electrical knowledge. Their work was safe and they followed the relevant health and safety procedures . I would highly recommend. 

Aaron Wilson

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